The reasons of diaper rash

The reasons of diaper rash

The reasons of diaper rash

There are many reasons may cause to the diaper rash. 

The amount of rewet, leakage and slippage of diapers can reflect its absorption capacity to a certain extent. Among them, the amount of rewet reflects the absorbent capacity and water-locking capacity of the diaper.

If under a certain pressure, the amount of re-infiltration will be large, which will cause the baby's skin to come into contact with the urine, which is easy to breed bacteria.

In the national technical standard, it is stipulated that the qualified range of the rewet amount of baby diapers is ≤10.0g. The UNIHOPE baby diaper has a rewet amount of 3.6g, which meets the national standard and has better dryness.

Why does the outer layer of the used diaper feel wet to the touch?

The outer layer of the diaper is made of special water-proof material, and the liquid cannot be leaked. This is not a problem of urine leakage, but a proof that the diaper is breathable. Let the sultry moisture inside the diaper be released from the breathable backing membrane and keep the skin away from the sultry heat.

Why do babies have red butt problems?

If the diapers are used for too long, or they are replaced too little, and the ventilation is not good, the problem of red butt will occur.

Clean your baby's skin with warm water and wet wipes each time you change diapers. Reduce the chance of bacterial infection with clean care.

At the same time, you should also choose a baby diaper that is light, breathable and has good absorption properties, quickly and timely absorption of urine, while exhausting heat to form a circulatory and breathable environment.