What's the difference between baby wipes and common wipes?

What's the difference between baby wipes and common wipes?

Baby wipes are specially used for babies and are different from ordinary wipes, so how should we distinguish between these two types of wipes?

The difference between baby wipes and ordinary wipes.

Baby wipes are specially designed for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have relatively higher requirements, because the baby's skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. Baby wipes are divided into ordinary wipes and hand and mouth special wipes. Ordinary baby wipes are usually used to wipe the baby's little butt, and hand and mouth wipes are specially used to wipe the baby's mouth and hands.

Baby wipes are generally used to clean and care for the baby's delicate skin. The ingredients of the wipes are mainly treated purified water, and then some nourishing ingredients that are gentle and safe for the baby's skin are added.

Baby wipes must not contain alcohol, soap and other ingredients, otherwise it will cause baby allergies. Some high-quality and thoughtfully designed wipes also take into account the problem that young babies are prone to red buttocks, and add ingredients that can prevent red buttocks. In addition, good quality wipes do not fluff after use.

In summer, it is sultry and hot, if the baby does not clean the small PP in time after urinating, it is easy to be stimulated by poop or urine, and then the phenomenon of red butt will appear. Therefore, wet wipes with strong cleaning power, mild and comfortable texture, and even anti-allergic ingredients have become the must-haves and first choice for mothers.